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Kari-Anne Veldman


Indaba Hair Studio, located in Stewarttown 


My daughter, Cassidy and I would like to welcome you to our hair salon, Indaba Hair Studio. Indaba is the Zulu word for, 'The meeting place', and that's exactly what we would like it to be!  A place to meet some our amazing staff, a friend or two, or just taking a quiet moment away from the busyness of your day. We value you and your time spent with us! We are a Davines exclusive salon and are so excited to introduce you to their colour and product lines, which are paraben and sulphate free. Davines is renowned for their biodiversity and sustainability, and it truly shows in their beautiful products! We didn't choose Davines, they chose us, and so we are exclusive in Georgetown. Please feel free to pop in anytime to say, "Hi!". We look forward to meeting you at Indaba Hair Studio. 

member since 2015

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