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Meetings are open to professional women, entrepreneurs and business owners in the Halton Hills area.  Please check first to see if your business category is available and then message us for an invitation!

2021-2022 meeting dates

SEPT 10 - Online Meeting

SEP 24 - Virtual AGM - Members only 

OCT 1 - Membership Renewal Deadline

OCT 8 - First meeting of the 2021-2022 Term!

OCT 22 - Online Meeting

NOV 5 - Online Meeting

NOV 17 - Online Meeting

DEC 3 - Online Meeting

DEC 17 - Evening in person Holiday meet up!

DEC 18 to JAN 13 - Shut down for Winter Holidays!

JAN 14 - Online Meeting: Welcome to 2022!

JAN 28 - Online Meeting

FEB 11 - Online Meeting

FEB 25 - Online Meeting

MAR 11 - Online Meeting

MAR 25 - Online Meeting

APR 8 - Online Meeting

APR 22 - Online Meeting

MAY 6 - Online Meeting

MAY 20 - Online Meeting

JUN 3 - Online Meeting

JUN 17 - Online Meeting: Last one before Summer break!


SEPT 16 - Online Meeting

SEP 30 - Virtual AGM - Members only 

Meetings held alternate Fridays

September to June:


on ZOOM until further notice

(Normally Downtown Georgetown)

Check the events calendar for specific dates, topics and any location changes!



International Women's Day

March 2022

Details to come!

thank you for coming!

save the date...


Join us for our 7th annual

Cornerstone OPEN


We were thrilled to host a cornerstoneCONNECT networking event in Glen Williams. We got to see lots of new faces and Mark Grice was there to paint live for us!  We auctioned off the painting at the end with some of the proceeds going toward the Georgetown Hospital Foundation.  


Check out our Ladies of the 80s Party! 

CornerstoneCONNECTMay-Allison Clark Photography-2.jpg
CornerstoneCONNECTMay-Allison Clark Photography-1.jpg
CornerstoneCONNECTMay-Allison Clark Photography-3.jpg
CornerstoneCONNECTMay-Allison Clark Photography-4.jpg
CornerstoneCONNECTMay-Allison Clark Photography-11.jpg
CornerstoneCONNECTMay-Allison Clark Photography-18.jpg
CornerstoneCONNECTMay-Allison Clark Photography-17.jpg
CornerstoneCONNECTMay-Allison Clark Photography-8.jpg
CornerstoneCONNECTMay-Allison Clark Photography-16.jpg
CornerstoneCONNECTMay-Allison Clark Photography-15.jpg
CornerstoneCONNECTMay-Allison Clark Photography-6.jpg
CornerstoneCONNECTMay-Allison Clark Photography-14.jpg
CornerstoneCONNECTMay-Allison Clark Photography-13.jpg
CornerstoneCONNECTMay-Allison Clark Photography-12.jpg
CornerstoneCONNECTMay-Allison Clark Photography-10.jpg
CornerstoneCONNECTMay-Allison Clark Photography-9.jpg
CornerstoneCONNECTMay-Allison Clark Photography-7.jpg
CornerstoneCONNECTMay-Allison Clark Photography-19.jpg
CornerstoneCONNECTMay-Allison Clark Photography-5.jpg
CornerstoneCONNECTMay-Allison Clark Photography-21.jpg
CornerstoneCONNECTMay-Allison Clark Photography-20.jpg
CornerstoneCONNECTMay-Allison Clark Photography-22.jpg
CornerstoneCONNECTMay-Allison Clark Photography-23.jpg
The Glen

ladies of the 80s! 


6th Annual Ladies of the 80s:

A FUN night out with the girls!


The Royal Canadian Legion, Georgetown

*Tickets only event. Must be 19 years or older

Fundraising for our "Entrepreneurial Spirit" scholarships benefiting a female high school graduate from each of our three Halton Hills High Schools.

Cornerstone80s2015-Allison Clark Photography-194
Cornerstone80s2015-Allison Clark Photography-100
Cornerstone80s2015-Allison Clark Photography-191
Cornerstone80s2015-Allison Clark Photography-171
Cornerstone80s2015-Allison Clark Photography-185
Cornerstone80s2015-Allison Clark Photography-113
Cornerstone80s2015-Allison Clark Photography-178
Cornerstone80s2015-Allison Clark Photography-169
Cornerstone80s2015-Allison Clark Photography-160
Cornerstone80s2015-Allison Clark Photography-154
Cornerstone80s2015-Allison Clark Photography-149
Cornerstone80s2015-Allison Clark Photography-153
Cornerstone80s2015-Allison Clark Photography-127
Cornerstone80s2015-Allison Clark Photography-134
Cornerstone80s2015-Allison Clark Photography-131
Cornerstone80s2015-Allison Clark Photography-122
Cornerstone80s2015-Allison Clark Photography-115
Cornerstone80s2015-Allison Clark Photography-114
Cornerstone80s2015-Allison Clark Photography-103
Cornerstone80s2015-Allison Clark Photography-101
Cornerstone80s2015-Allison Clark Photography-137


Since 2014, every June we host a ladies best ball golf tournament at the Acton Golf Course.  Our theme is Diamonds in the Rough, so polish your tiaras & your bling and shine your way through this 9-hole best ball tournament followed by an awesome steak dinner.  Don't golf? Don't worry! This is best ball which means ALL skill levels welcome.    

Games & Prizes - Best Dressed Team, Best Decorated Cart, Closest to the Pin, Longest Drive & lots more!


Silent Auction - Proceeds will be donated to CAShh (Cancer Assistance Services of Halton Hills), in memory of our dear member and friend Anne Benest who lost her brave battle with cancer in 2014. 


Keep up with our social media to get news on when we can reschedule this fun event!

2016 Cornerstone OPEN - Allison Clark Photography-175
2016 Cornerstone OPEN - Allison Clark Photography-140
2016 Cornerstone OPEN - Allison Clark Photography-186
2016 Cornerstone OPEN - Allison Clark Photography-240
2016 Cornerstone OPEN - Allison Clark Photography-223
2016 Cornerstone OPEN - Allison Clark Photography-221
2016 Cornerstone OPEN - Allison Clark Photography-194
2015 Cornerstone OPEN -Allison Clark Photography-218
2015 Cornerstone OPEN -Allison Clark Photography-213
2015 Cornerstone OPEN -Allison Clark Photography-217
2015 Cornerstone OPEN -Allison Clark Photography-219
2015 Cornerstone OPEN -Allison Clark Photography-189
2016 Cornerstone OPEN - Allison Clark Photography-104
2015 Cornerstone OPEN -Allison Clark Photography-223
2015 Cornerstone OPEN -Allison Clark Photography-224
2015 Cornerstone OPEN -Allison Clark Photography-204
2015 Cornerstone OPEN -Allison Clark Photography-203
2015 Cornerstone OPEN -Allison Clark Photography-205
2015 Cornerstone OPEN -Allison Clark Photography-198
2015 Cornerstone OPEN -Allison Clark Photography-134
2015 Cornerstone OPEN -Allison Clark Photography-190
2015 Cornerstone OPEN -Allison Clark Photography-181
2015 Cornerstone OPEN -Allison Clark Photography-171
2015 Cornerstone OPEN -Allison Clark Photography-167
2015 Cornerstone OPEN -Allison Clark Photography-148
2015 Cornerstone OPEN -Allison Clark Photography-165
2015 Cornerstone OPEN -Allison Clark Photography-139
2015 Cornerstone OPEN -Allison Clark Photography-133
2015 Cornerstone OPEN -Allison Clark Photography-121
2015 Cornerstone OPEN -Allison Clark Photography-122
2015 Cornerstone OPEN -Allison Clark Photography-119
2015 Cornerstone OPEN -Allison Clark Photography-117
2015 Cornerstone OPEN -Allison Clark Photography-120
2015 Cornerstone OPEN -Allison Clark Photography-108
2015 Cornerstone OPEN -Allison Clark Photography-111
2015 Cornerstone OPEN -Allison Clark Photography-109
2015 Cornerstone OPEN -Allison Clark Photography-107
2015 Cornerstone OPEN -Allison Clark Photography-151
2015 Cornerstone OPEN -Allison Clark Photography-159
2015 Cornerstone OPEN -Allison Clark Photography-176
2015 Cornerstone OPEN -Allison Clark Photography-207
2015 Cornerstone OPEN -Allison Clark Photography-225
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