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member since 2021

Ginette Kent Brown

Just Got Redirected


located in Georgetown


Ginette Kent Brown is the founder of “Just Got ReDirected”, a career coaching business to help those who are looking to either transition to a different position/industry/career or who are re-entering the workforce. Ginette has 15+ years Human Resources Management experience and was the Head of HR for the last three companies where she worked. In Ginette’s Human Resources career she developed and  implemented strategy around compensation, recruitment, employee engagement, and training & development. Ginette found her passion in her HR roles was supporting employees’ career journeys so they could pursue their dream career.


Wanting more of that opportunity in her work, Ginette completed a fulltime 12 month Career Development Professional certificate to support clients who are wanting to connect with work they find fulfilling and that brings them joy. About finding joy in what you do, Ginette said “I think when more people feel connected on a deeper level to the work they do and they feel joy and a sense of purpose, the world will become a better place.”


Ginette offers a complimentary 20 minute exploratory call for those who are interested in learning more about how they can benefit from career coaching.


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